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Keep your Nissan in top running condition at H & M Automotive Service & Repairs. We have been serving the community of Virginia Beach, VA since 2015, offering exceptional service, and top-quality automotive repair. Schedule an appointment today!

H & M Automotive Service & Repairs Is A Digital Inspection Shop
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Our technicians use the latest digital technology to not only tell you if there are any problems with your vehicle, but show you. If our technicians uncover an issue, we’ll email a photo of it to you for your review. At the end of every visit you’ll receive a detailed report from H & M Automotive Service & Repairs regarding the general condition of your vehicle. Our most important job is to keep you safe on the road.


“Very comforting“
Good work. Good customer service.
“A family business“
I was told car was ready on Friday. I set-up an Uber for a ride, ten minutes later I got a call saying there was a problem. I was told something had to be turned 180 degrees. I was told it would be ready Monday. They open at 8 am. I call at almost 12pm, and check on car. I was told the first hour they do inspections, but my car still hadnt been in shop yet. I was told it should be ready sometime today. Jist confused how some part was put on backwards or wrong, or something. Why was my car not still in shop from Friday? Why wasnt it the priority Monday? The payment was taken Friday, this survey was sent Friday. I just want my car, not playing a waiting game. Finally get my car monday evening around 5:30. I noticed my power seat controls were missing and a bag of change I had was missing also. I would not recommend this shop, something shady is going on there.
“impeccable service“
If you’re looking for impeccable service, look no further!🤔
“Great care and service“
Great place. I love the text that includes pictures about my car service. Great communication about everything. Fast service. I have a hard time finding a place I feel I can trust, but I feel good about H&M
“Highly recommend“
I recommend them all the time to friends and coworkers.
“the BEST“
Absolutely the BEST & Highly Recommended